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Q3 2023
Ryder Devices Q32023 Milestone

  • Mass production
  • Pre-production
  • Final testing & Software QA
Q2 2023
Ryder Devices Q22023 Milestone
  • Engineering Build #2
  • Production Setup
  • Design stress testing and quality check
  • Engineering Build #1
Q1 2023
Ryder Devices Q12023 Milestone
  • DFM & Design fine-tuning
  • Tooling
Commercial Launch of Ryder Digital Twin Tags

Digital Twins Tags merge digital collectables with physical items through a scan-to-own feature. It utilizes special NFC tags compatible with all modern phones. The owner simply scans the tag on a physical item to claim the NFT. If the item is sold, later on, the new owner scans the item, which causes the NFT to move from the seller to his or her wallet.

Q4 2022
Pre-sale for the first 5,000 devices

Our pre-sale for the first edition of Ryder is launching this December 10, 2022. Limited to 5,000 pieces, with the digital collectible redeemable for the device.
 Be the first to own this ultra-exclusive Ryder.

Development of Ryder Dev Kits

Together with our manufacturing vendor, we are developing Ryder’s 200 units of dev kits. Once feedback is received from early users and developers, we will push for DFM (Design for Manufacturing).

Soft-launch of Ryder Digital Twins

Ryder is one of the first to push the scan-to-own concept forward, triggering an evolution in NFT projects. This aligns with our core of bringing frictionless experiences to crypto. Unlike previous physical NFT projects, they do not use conventional NFC tags or QR codes linked to a central website. Instead, Ryder Digital Twin Tags produce a cryptographic signature that cannot be falsified. Whoever owns the physical object will always control the on-chain NFT.

Q3 2022
Release of Thunderbird - Ryder firmware 0.0.5

It’s taken us a while because we wanted to get everything just right - and make sure all the moving parts play together nicely. It’s a big one, with lots of changes under the hood, but most importantly, it’s the first version with full features and Hiro Wallet support!

Development of Cryptoglyphs

To prevent brute-force attacks, Ryder uses mathematics to generate a collection of eight digital colored shapes we call ”Cryptoglyphs”. These can be verified without a lot of effort by the user, but take a very long time for a  brute-force attack to decipher.

Launch of Ryder Handles

Ryder’s approach to on-chain identities is different. We’re more than just .btc or .eth; we’re leveraging the culture and community in crypto to establish handles as identity within the crypto ecosystem.

Your handles are registered through a smart contract on Stacks, secured by Bitcoin. In short, your handles are anchored on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Currently, Ryder Handles support 10 NFT communities.

Q2 2022
Launch of Ryder Brand

From the beginning, we knew that Ryder needed to be attractive in all aspects, not just to the dedicated crypto punk, but also to the first-time users. We had already made strides by coming up with an intuitive design for the device that could spark interest not just for those who are in the space, but even for those who might not be looking as well.

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