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Tier 1
/ 100 pieces
Tier 2
/ 4,268 pieces
Tier 3
/ 500 pieces
Tier 4
/ 100 pieces
Tier 5
/ 20 Pieces
Tier 6
/ 10 pieces
Tier 7
/ 5 pieces
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Novice gives you the following:

  • A Ryder Device
  • 1 Evolving Digital Collectible (PFP)
  • Access to exclusive collaborations
  • Access to Ryder's Early Backers private chat and exclusive peak of the inner workings of Ryder
  • Priority guest-list for future collectibles and special editions

Ryder mint costs $299 USD in ETH or STX and will give you a chance to win 1 of the 7 digital collectibles with their own unique rewards for early backers.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is Ryder?

Ryder is here to disrupt the future of Web3. It is a modular crypto hardware device with an infrastructure that gives you access to your on-chain identities. Call it an extension of yourself; with Ryder, you can access your identities, decentralize financial transactions and voting and interact with NFTs. The world’s first ‘social wallet’, we bring real-life interactions to crypto.

What is early access?

It goes without saying that if you want access to something exclusive, you’ll need to be on the right list. Our early access allows our backers the privilege of minting our digital collectible and owning one of the first 5,000 Ryder devices.

What do I get for minting?

We want you to support Ryder, so we made it accessible for everyone to participate. Minting a Ryder digital collectible, get you a chance to win 1 of the 7 Tiers, each with serious genesis benefits and rewards, such as a one-to-one drop, limited edition dev kits, formula 1 trip and more. Mint to find more! 

What is a evolving digital collectible?

Everyone who pledges for this limited launch will receive the digital collectible they purchase, plus a digital collectible that will ultimately turn into a profile picture (PFP). The appearance of the digital collectible will change depending on Ryder’s product development life cycle. Think of it as a progress tracker for the devices. More details are to be released soon.

Why mint on ETH and STX?

Crypto isn’t a zero-sum game. This is the first step toward our multi-chain vision. Certain blockchains for certain use cases. We want our members to have the benefits of owning their digital collectible on multiple blockchains, ensuring their digital collectible aren’t locked to a single chain and allowing access to a variety of marketplaces.

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