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What is Ryder?

Ryder is here to disrupt the future of Web3. It is a social hardware device with an infrastructure that gives you access to your digital identities. Call it an extension of yourself, with Ryder you can access your identities, decentralize financial transactions and voting and interact with NFTs. The world’s first ‘social wallet’, we bring real-life interactions to crypto.

Is there a roadmap?

Ryder is delivered and built in public; we are advocates of building out in the open. Details on our latest roadmap are announced in our blog and monthly newsletters. Check our progress here.

What is Ryder Open Hardware Development Fund?

The crypto space has a hardware problem. There’s a huge shortage in innovation due to the perception that hardware is more risky than software. We aim to change this by launching a user-directed fund to aid and accelerate the development of open hardware.

How do I install a cryptocurrency wallet?

There are various cryptocurrency wallets you can use to manage your tokens, NFTs, and digital identities. For the Ryder mint, you’ll need two cryptocurrency wallets, specifically Metamask and the Hiro Wallet.

Metamask enables you to manage your ETH and other Ethereum-based tokens, while Hiro specifically empowers you to manage your STX tokens from the Stacks blockchain.

What can a cryptocurrency wallet do?

With a cryptocurrency wallet, you can:

  • Generate a new wallet address with the associated seed phrase
  • Send cryptocurrency from your address
  • Receive cryptocurrency to your address
  • Make transactions within the ecosystem
  • View your balance and associated details
  • Review the transaction history associated with your address
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