The Ryder Simulator

May 11, 2021

We want Ryder to be a genuine community effort. But we recognize it is tricky to build with it if you do not have one in your hands. Indeed, Ryder prototypes are a bit in short supply. Every effort is being made to get Ryder v03 out there, but we have something else until that happens. We are introducing: the Ryder Simulator.

The Ryder Simulator is an app that runs on your desktop and simulates the Ryder v02 prototype. It runs the actual firmware and behaves exactly like the physical device. You read that right; it is a simulator, not an emulator. It means that building with it is exactly like using the real thing: if your app works with the simulator, it will work with the physical device.

We are very excited to officially release it today. Ryder Makers had been given access to a sneak preview last week. Additionally, three repositories for working with the Ryder have since been open-sourced: the Ryder Prototype CLI, the Ryder Serial Library, and the Ryder Proxy.

Curious to see what the simulator looks like? Take a look at the short demo video below:

Are you excited to try it out? Head over to the dedicated download page on the pioneer wiki to grab the latest version. We have builds for macOS, Linux, and Windows. This is our first beta release, so expect things to break. The page will also give you some more information on how to use and manage the simulator.

Early Maker Bounties

To celebrate the release of the simulator, we are introducing two early maker bounties of our upcoming bounty program:

1. Ryder Simulator setup feedback (3 × $10)
We would like to gather feedback on the setup process. We are giving away $10 in STX to the people who give us the most comprehensive feedback, one bounty per platform (macOS, Linux, Windows).

2. Ryder Simulator tutorial (3 × $100)
We are looking for a comprehensive tutorial on how to use the Ryder Simulator. The best tutorial for each platform (macOS, Linux, Windows) receives a $100 in STX. The tutorial should include:

• An explanation on how to download and set up.
• How to use the Ryder prototype CLI to initialize the simulator.
• A very basic working example of how to use the `ryderserial` NodeJS package to send a command to the simulator.
• A blog post or video, up to you!

If you want to participate in the bounties, please hop into our Discord and post in the #maker-bounties thread so we can coordinate. We do not have an immediate deadline yet, as we will base it on the amount of participation. Consider this the trial of the bounty program!


Marvin Janssen

Co-Founder, Ryder