Hack away, Makers.

May 26, 2021

From engineering PRs to user product journey research, Ryder Maker Bounties reinvent how our community takes action.

At Ryder, we want everything to be a continuous community effort by leveraging the power of incentives to organize action. As stated in our community pledge, it’s all about “WE” and how all of us will reshape the future of decentralized identities and bring crypto to the masses. With this, we are happy to announce our Ryder Maker Bounty Program to improve our overall products and make them as community-driven as possible at this early stage. 

We are releasing ten maker bounties from engineering to growth with various difficulty levels, so there’s a bounty for everyone, all of which you can see in this notion document


Each bounty can be done solo or team and awarded with STX or USD upon completion. If you are looking to participate in this program, the initial step is to join our Discord and simply post in the #maker-bounties thread to start coordinating. Remember, there’s only a limited spot per bounty, so make sure to save your slot as soon as possible.

All the best, makers.


Louise Ivan

Co-Founder, Ryder