From a Maker to a Core Contributor: Niclas

October 08, 2021

Time flies so fast in crypto. We usually have a saying that the speed of development in the space is just remarkable; I like to usually say that one quarter in crypto equates to 1 year of innovation. There are just a lot of things going on every day. Since our ideation stage, we’ve grown our community and made a lot progressed. At Ryder, we want to establish a culture where we celebrate every win, big or small. Let’s take some time to appreciate all our milestones, so watch out for our next maker session next month!

You guys are paramount for Ryder to become a successful project and achieve its mission of bringing crypto to everyone, so we’re always on the lookout for outstanding makers. In terms of building the initial team of core contributors, we feel it is the right time to grow, especially if we found a community member who deeply shares Ryder’s mission, vision, and core values. As a big advocate of transparency and open building, we hope we could provide our community with a stronger sense of why we are working on Ryder and how we view our role as early Makers of the ecosystem.

Passion speaks a lot of volumes when it comes to organic community contribution. We believe this is one of the principles which best serve the community. We were particularly impressed by Niclas and his enthusiasm since the beginning. Like any other community journey, it all started from exchanging simple messages about the project to him going down the DID rabbit hole and becoming a true advocate of Ryder; you probably saw him on Twitter tweeting about it from time to time. Aside from that, he was also constantly giving feedback, started writing tutorials until he knocked out most of the Maker bounties. As a person, who’s built a community in the space, it’s the kind of feedback loop that we strive to establish. Seeing Niclas’s contributions and passion, we knew that he would be an excellent fit for the team. It is just a matter of “when?”. This is where consistency comes in, which I believe is essential for onboarding community members as official core contributors. Niclas, without a doubt, showed it.

Now, we are more than honoured to welcome him as a part of our team, not just as a maker but a core contributor of Ryder. Niclas is coming from Oracle as a Project Manager with a background in Business Management and a particular focus on Technology. His role will fall on the day-to-day operations to keep the team aligned in our efforts and the guiding principles we use to make decisions. Of course, as a small team, Niclas will wear many hats like everyone else to take Ryder to the finish line.

Let’s rewind a little bit here and learn about his crypto-journey and how it led up to this moment. Niclas has a deep interest in Technology and how it interacts with the fabric of society. He began his crypto journey in 2015 when he first discovered Bitcoin and has long been engaged in the crypto space. He’s a big believer in the promise it could bring to our economy. The perfect “Sound Money, “they say. Sovereign. Salable. Immutable. Today, he sees crypto out of a wider lens, believing it can act as a new and improved infrastructure for a better internet. He believes that the Technology can serve as a new type of platform to enable solutions such as Decentralized Identity and Data Portability. Improving both experience and capabilities of applications without leading to compromises for users and developers – A foundation where we can build a global financial network system that is more efficient, transparent, and equitable than any system that has existed in the past.


Louise Ivan

Co-Founder, Ryder